Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No News (is not) Good News

Well nothings changed on the Garmin RMA front. I did find out that the expected return time of 7-10 days is actually from when Garmin receives the watch and not the total time. So if you are planning on returning anything to Garmin I hope you have a spare Garmin lying around (luckily I have my trusty 305) or....

So this is technically business day #4, and it still says that they are awaiting the receipt of my shipment, even though UPS said it arrived on Thursday morning. I guess they might have a single person going through each and every return or Garmin has way too many returns/repairs.

Maybe I'll get my new Garmin 610 before July. It sure sounded like it would be quicker when they first said they were going to give me a new watch. Said it was going to be shipped to the support person's supervisor's desk. Maybe they are on vacation???

So unless you want to here about my run with my Garmin 305 which I got in May 2008, nothing new to report here...

If you are interested in seeing some of the other problems people are running into, hit up the Garmin forums.


  1. Hey dcv,

    Sorry it hasn't shipped yet, I know how frustrating that is, but if it's any consolation my week old 610 has yet to exhibit the behavior you described. I've only done 3 short runs with 1s recording but accuracy never budged and the tracks are consistent with my 305. So maybe there really is a hardware defect in your old one.

    I should add that on the first run I was clearing the lap screen immediately so I could look at the accuracy - that was before I knew that was a potential work around. But I still do have 2 other runs and on one I was hitting the lap button like every half mile to see if I could get it to misbehave.

  2. Promising. I'm hoping it is the watch also. I'll give my new one, whenever I get it, a good workout of all the different options.