Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Am Still Awaiting Garmin Recognizing My Return - My 2nd Garmin 610 Review

OK, I always seem to send things back during holiday weekends. My Garmin 610 arrived at Garmin in Olathe, KS on Thursday, 10:55am. My RMA status has not been updated since and I haven't heard anything from Garmin. Though I suspect that like everyone else, not much work was getting done on the holiday weekend.

So this is business day #6 on trying to get my new-and-improved Garmin 610 back from Garmin. My original Garmin was the 74th Garmin produced off of production (based upon the serial number).

My Garmin 305 is still performed wonderfully, though my running has been more like a roller coaster. Mostly bad runs in newly found warmth and humidity. Struggling to get the hydration down, etc. Though this mornings run was rather speedy.

Let's see if Garmin updates my RMA status today. If they don't by later this afternoon I will bug them yet again....

Also, whenever I get the new watch (hopefully by the end of the year as it seems), I'd be open for suggestions on what to review/look for in my 2nd watch. I know what I will be looking at to see if its fixed....

One item I will document better is uploading workouts using ANT+. Seems numerous people are having problems uploading workouts over on the Garmin forums. I had problems also, but really only trying to upload my Boston Marathon data. Plus I use RunningAhead.com, which is much better than Garmin Connect.

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