Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello There. And Garmin must have One Person working at their Warehouse

OK, its been a long while since I've posted. What has happened.

1. I got very frustrated with the $399.99 Garmin 610 using firmware v2.20 and its crappy GPS etc. etc. So I requested if I could get a refund. This was mid-June.
2. On the day  I was scheduled to send the watch back, they came out with firmware v2.30 which supposedly fixed the GPS problems.
3. I decided to give the watch a couple more runs. The wacky GPS start problem was fixed, but the distance of my runs on the same exact courses were varying wildly day-to-day. Ok, not wildly but about 1% which never happened with my 305.
4. So I send my GPS back to Garmin on June 30th.
5. It arrived at Garmin on July 6th.
6. My RMA status still states that they are awaiting the return of my shipment.
7. The warehouse department of Garmin really, really sucks.
8. I haven't heard anything from Garmin since June 29th. I am getting a little frustrated.

Also, it appears the my 305 has died. It quit on me after about 6.3 sweaty miles during a 9.7 mile run. I'll try to revive it when I get home, but I think its dead. It is tempting to get a 610 back, but seeing all the OTHER problems people are having with the 610 that I never had (skin turning green, pins falling out causing the watch to fly off, inability to charge, problems with GPS), I think I'll just get another 305.

Garmin, I hope you are reading this. I want my TWO DOLLARS! (+ 397)