Saturday, June 4, 2011

Quick Update: First Run with new Garmin 610

I don't have time yet to write up my full review of today's run. Ran, then spent 5.5 hours doing outside yardwork. Lovely way to spend one of the two days off I get a week.

Of course, my run this morning was my worst one since Monday. HR high and just slower. Maybe the 610 curses me..

So the run???

  • The Start bug is still there. I did not clear the Timer Started window when I started the 610. GPS accuracy when from < 20ft to about 80+ft.
  • No other GPS accuracy glitches were seen on the laps.
  • 305 measured 7.33, 610 measured 7.29. I think the 610 start glitch cost me 15 seconds on that first mile. Running at ~9 min/mile pace thats bout 0.03 miles. So the difference in distances is basically the start error.
  • GPX path length for 305: 7.33 for the 610: 7.32
  • HR average on the 305: 139. HR average on the 610: 140
  • The upper HR limit goes off when you are at the set limit for the 610. On the 305, it goes off when you go over the limit. So for a setting of 145, the 610 alarms at 145, the 305 at 146.
The start bug is discouraging as I definitely knew that this was a software glitch (thus in every watch) and just in mine. What is encouraging is that the lap GPS accuracy didn't occur and it the start glitch was gone, the distances and paces would have lined up pretty good. 

I will do a full review when I have time. Tomorrow run will be 2 hours with both the 305 and 610. I will clear the Timer Started window on this one, but not the lap windows.


  1. Hi, thanks for all the information give on the 610. I am a owner of the fr60, 305 and 210. I was interested in the 610, but having seen all the problems you had at the moment I have put in on hold. I love my 305, it works well, I can have all the information at once. Since you have both, I can ask you this, don't you it is easier to see the information on the 305 rather tan on the 610? I ask you this, because, that is the reason why I don't like the 210. I run on a place where there are lots of trees, withe the 305 keeps my pace steady, the 210 changes it all over, too slow, too fast, using on both instant pace. I think I will wait for the replacement of the 310, that should come very soon. What do you think?

  2. Patrick, I have run with the 305/610 the past three days. I do not run on trails and only a couple of places would I say are tree-covered so I can't help you on this one.

    However, the GPS start bug is still in my 2nd watch, however, the fix they mentioned on the Garmin forums actually works (you have to clear the screens that pop-up at start/laps).

    I had no problem reading the 4 fields I leave on the watch when I run. Contrast seems to be higher on my 610 than 305, but I think you can adjust that on the 305. My 305 is also 3+ years old.

    When clearing the screens I did not noticed that the pace was all over the place on the 610. However, I look at Lap Pace (not current pace).

    You really shouldn't use instant pace because that varies so widely on any watch. Use something like lap pace (where lap = 1km or 1 mile). Much more smooth and even.