Friday, June 3, 2011

The Saga Continues: Garmin 610 Watch Delivered

So when I got home tonight from a local high school track meet, my new Garmin 610 was waiting for me. I snapped some snazzy pictures for when I review the watch, but unfortunately Garmin screwed up my order. They sent me a watch without a HR strap and I bought the Garmin with the strap. Oy vey...

I'll just use the HR strap that came with the 305, it works with the 610. I tested that on my old 610. However, the HR strap that comes with the 610 is a lot more comfortable than the old one I have with the 305. I emailed Garmin requesting a new strap be sent to me. I really don't feel like returning the watch again, just for the strap.

So I'll do my first run with the new Garmin tomorrow morning. It came fully charged out of the box and the serial number is in the 11,900's my original Garmin was 74.

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  1. Hi mate, just thouth i let you know my issue with my 610. I use my watch only for running and the other day i looked down at my watch and noticed a chip on edge of the screen. I can guarantee you i didnt hit the watch in anyway. I did some googling and found out other people had similar issues. Spoke to garmin, sent them photos and to my astonishment they were totally unsympathetic and unresponsive. They claim it was caused d uh e to my negligence. The said it couldn't be repaired but the can replace it for $370. My opinion is that they have had too many watches with the same/similar problem and have had to pull back the warranty claims due to escalating costs to garmin. I certainly didnt expect the unprofessional response i got from garmin regarding my watch. I am considering taking my case further as i am totally adamant i did not cause the issue with any excessive force or due to my negligence. I am an honest person and would not pursue this issue if i was at fault i would simply take it on the chin. Regards