Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No More 610: It's On It's Way to Olathe, KS

Well I sent off the 610 to Olathe, KS and Garmin. It left Seacaucus, NJ about 5 minutes ago (9:57am). Supposed to arrive in Kansas on Thursday. Since the upcoming weekend is Memorial Day weekend, I probably won't see the new watch until next week sometimes. Luckily my Garmin 305 still functions well.

Since I have a wonky hamstring I can't really do any faster speed work right now, and since it appears my running fitness has fallen off a cliff I decided to revisit HADD. So today was 75 minutes at ILTHR (initial lactate threshold heart rate). I set the upper HR limit on the 305 to 155 and off I went.

I wasn't expecting much since yesterday's run was craptacular. However, today run felt like I got some of my mojo back. I ended up running 9.99 miles in 1:15:03 for 7:30/mile @ AHR 148. Since it is basically impossible to hear the beep tone on my 3 year old 305, you have to keep checking the screen. The 610 was nice that it vibrated when it activated an alert.

Today's splits were: 8:14 (135), 7:45(144), 7:38(146), 7:23(149), 7:21(151), 7:18(152), 7:22(150), 7:29(151), 7:19(153), 7:09(153)

Now yesterday's run on the 305 was 8:46/mi @ AHR 134. I would say today's run was about 34 sec/mile better than yesterday's. Yesterday's run used the 610 HR strap, today's was the 305 HR strap.

Now the question is, is my 610 cursed or bad luck. Interesting to see such a big improvement when not running with the 610. I don't think it could interfere with the 305 HR rating.

Personally, I just think it's that I got two good night sleeps in a row. We will see when the 610 comes back.

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