Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Garmin 610 Support Update #2

Sent Garmin a question over email just asking if:

1. When I could expect the new Garmin to be shipped back
2. Any updates on the start problem with the 610.

So basically, the process seems to still be processing. Would have been nice to have seen a fix for the problem. Hopefully, its not being ignored because I've seen the problem in 610's that people have just bought.


Thank you for contacting Garmin International.

I will be happy to assist you. As soon as the watch is received and
scanned into our system, the process of sending out the replacement will
take place. We receive items by the trailer load, not as individual
packages. That is why we put a turn around time forth of about 7-10
business days or sooner. There hasn't been any other findings or
software updates related to the start issued you reported between your
Forerunner 305 & 610. If you have any further questions please contact


  1. I have been following your issue with the FR 610. I was about to buy one, the I put on hold my buy until I see what solution will give you.

  2. Patrick,

    It was delivered today to Garmin. Hopefully, I'll get one sometime next week. I'll give a better full review when I get it.