Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello There. And Garmin must have One Person working at their Warehouse

OK, its been a long while since I've posted. What has happened.

1. I got very frustrated with the $399.99 Garmin 610 using firmware v2.20 and its crappy GPS etc. etc. So I requested if I could get a refund. This was mid-June.
2. On the day  I was scheduled to send the watch back, they came out with firmware v2.30 which supposedly fixed the GPS problems.
3. I decided to give the watch a couple more runs. The wacky GPS start problem was fixed, but the distance of my runs on the same exact courses were varying wildly day-to-day. Ok, not wildly but about 1% which never happened with my 305.
4. So I send my GPS back to Garmin on June 30th.
5. It arrived at Garmin on July 6th.
6. My RMA status still states that they are awaiting the return of my shipment.
7. The warehouse department of Garmin really, really sucks.
8. I haven't heard anything from Garmin since June 29th. I am getting a little frustrated.

Also, it appears the my 305 has died. It quit on me after about 6.3 sweaty miles during a 9.7 mile run. I'll try to revive it when I get home, but I think its dead. It is tempting to get a 610 back, but seeing all the OTHER problems people are having with the 610 that I never had (skin turning green, pins falling out causing the watch to fly off, inability to charge, problems with GPS), I think I'll just get another 305.

Garmin, I hope you are reading this. I want my TWO DOLLARS! (+ 397)


  1. Bought a 610 a month ago and very, very happy with it. Running the v2.4 firmware. Runs are measured very accurate (over the years I measured some rounds I do often with wheels, bikes etc).

    Great tool!!!!

  2. I received one of these from my wife for my birthday only a month ago. The problem i have had hs been the fragile screen. I had a bit of sunscreen work its way between the screen and the casing. I gently and i stress gently wiped it out with my finger nail on my little finger. To my disbelief i caused a chip on the edge of the screen. Spoke to customer service who were a bunch of cowboys and accused me of hitting the watch. The group of pictures i sent garmin certainly shows no damage to the casing or any part of the watch. I would advise people seriously considering buying the watch/training aid to look for something more sturdy - especially as its used in sporting situations.

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  5. I keep on losing the watch during runs as the wristband let's loose at the fixture near the watch

  6. Test111 - I had one of the first 610's to be releases. It was horrible and it still has problem. They have resolved most if not all of the GPS bugs that I dealt with, but I do know people still have the rusting issue, pins issue, charging issues + others. For $399 w HRM, I still don't see it as the best deal out there. I've become really interested in the Motorola Motoactv that I know some people have. I would probably check that out if I didn't have a less than one year old 305.

    runmachiel - welcome to the frustrating world of 610 ownership...

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